About Bindu Creative Dance


“Bindu” symbolizes the point from which all creation emerges and into which it dissolves.

Every week, an environment for the creative dance is created through the collaboration of elements that unify into a theme:-a dance space enhanced with colour, texture and objects, evocative music, engaging & eclectic props (scarves, buckets, shells etc) and gentle guidance through the dance adventure from Mangala Studios trained teacher Lisa Sommerlad.

  • Creative Dance has its foundations in yoga
  • Self-expression and artistic exploration of the senses are at the heart of every class.
  • Creative dance is joyful, strengthening the mind, spirit and physical body.
  • Fine and gross motor skill development is an integral aspect of the dance.
  • A friendly, non-competitive social activity for all ages of children


Creative Dance is  highly acclaimed within educational and health care sectors for its effectiveness in facilitating creativity, physical self-expression and self-esteem for children of all ages.


 About your teacher

Lisa Sommerlad teaches and assists in children’s classes at Mangala Studios of Yoga and Creative Dance, receiving her Diploma of Teaching Creative Dance from Mangala Studios in Carlton.

Mangala Studios was established in 1970 by Dorotea Mangiamele, who through her experience and innovation evolved a vision for creative dance that is still nurtured by teachers today.

Through Bindu Creative Dance, Lisa is continuing the vision, consistently delivering classes of joy, inspiration and transformation, in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

As an accomplished visual artist, Lisa has a keen appreciation of the artistic awareness and confidence in their own creativity that children can develop through regular involvement in the many facets that creative dance provides.

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