What to wear

Children and parents must dance in bare feet, so no stockings please.

Children are encouraged to wear stretchy clothing that is easy to move in-no jeans please

Your child is welcome to wear a special dancing outfit.

What to bring?

3 yrs and 4-5 yrs classes always begin together to settle around a blanket, share news, do a small centreing activity and prepare for dancing.
This is often accompanied by a show and tell…

your child is encouraged to bring something to show the group, while having

something special to hold is comforting for them too.

Before class…

Please arrive and be ready 10 minutes before class time.

Please take your child to visit the bathroom before your class begins.

Parent and Child classes

Toddlers and children up to the age of 3 dance with an adult, be it parent or carer. These classes are very special for bonding and sharing joy with your child.

Can I watch my child dance?

A foundation of Bindu Creative Dance is that the children are given the opportunity to focus on their experience with a

minimum of distractions and it is preferable that parents/carers stay out of the room.

For the younger children, parents are invited into the room at the end of each session and can share a dance with their child. The children love this!

Is there an end of year concert?

All parents, friends etc will be invited to attend their children’s final class before the Christmas holidays .

The classes will be festively-themed and provide an opportunity for your child to share with you their joy of creative dance, without the need for rehearsals or

expensive costumes.

Most importantly…

Bindu Creative Dance is responsible for the care and safety of children during the class session only.
Parents/carers are required to be in supervision of their children immediately before and after the class session.
Please be punctual and stay with your child at the door until the class begins and be waiting for child outside the door when the class is concluded.
If you are running late to collect your child, please phone and leave a message for Lisa.

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