Take your imaginations for a dance!


Bindu Creative Dance, led by Mangala Studios of Yoga & Creative Dance teacher Lisa Sommerlad, offers expressive and imaginative creative dance for all boys and girls- Parent/child (18mth-2yrs), Preschooler (3-5 yrs), Preppie/Grade 1  & Primary/Grade 2 +

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Creative Dance provides opportunities for children’s confidence and self-awareness to expand through the joy of  individual creativity.

What is Creative Dance?

Creative dance is joyful, strengthening the mind, spirit and physical body.
Each class is a balance of dynamic movement, stillness, relaxation & play.
Self-expression & transformation are intrinsic.
Creative Dance has its foundations in yoga.
A culturally diverse & rich variation in music genres & styles inspires our artistic response & imagination.
Friendly, non-competitive and non-gender specific.
Gentle guidance from Lisa in the ways of physically moving & dancing
are explored, by inspiring our imaginations with a different theme each class
Innovative room set-ups, evocative music & engaging props make for an exciting & fresh creative experience every time!

Bindu Creative Dance classes are held at The Body Voice Centre, 50 Wolverhampton St, Footscray.

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“Thank you Lisa for showing both of my daughters a pathway into dance and creativity and exploration in the most beautiful and supportive manner! The dance lessons have helped them both with school and kinder, they are so much more outgoing and confident now! I highly recommend this dance class for kids of all ages!!”

Geeti, mum of Maja & Isla

“We count down the hours and days til creative dance begins. Lisa’s classes are always full of surprises and so stimulating for my son. He then plays for hours at home using the ideas and things he has learnt”

Anita, mum of Ronan

“The students and I really enjoyed the classes. The music was fantastic and the dancing and yoga is great. We learned a lot!”

John Cleary PE Coordinator, Avondale Primary School







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